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Reply To: Comp Plan Discussion

Kyle Ward

I’d like the following pulled:

Page 71. Plan Management Cycle. Add bullet point under Annually to support the county’s effort to monitor fiscal impact, deviations, or progress of the plan’s implementation to read: “Annual Fiscal Impact Report”
Appendix H. Omit CN and OA from Rural Living and Rural Conservation Place Types.

Page 37. Rural Living. Land Use Mix. Primary Uses. Suggest adding language to clarify types of structures that are appropriate and are not. Original suggestions was to add “detached”. Director Brooks was asked to provide guidance. “Residential, Single family detached”.

Page 37. Rural Living. Housing Mix. There has been a lot of discussion regarding what zoning districts and density is appropriate in the Rural Living Place Type in both the Planned Growth Areas and the Rural Areas. The Rural Area is the clearer one – the GPP Section 4.3 allows density in the Rural Area of the Growth Map up to 2 du /acre regardless of zoning district. For those Rural Living Place Types in the Planned Growth Areas – as proposed, Planned Residential is partially related up to 5 du/acre. In many of my discussions, 1 du / 2 acres seemed to be the ideal vision for the Rural Living Place Type which doesn’t support the GPP. Others have suggested aligning the Rural Living Place Type with the density established in the Rural Areas in the Growth Policy Plan. Additionally, many felt that PR should be omitted altogether.

Page. 40. Rural Agriculture. Add language to last sentence of place type description to read: “These sites are found in the rural areas where prime and locally important soils may exist and the road network is sparse.” Commission requested that a reference to the soil map may be appropriate to include for clarity.

Page 61. 9.5 Avoid approving isolated developments. Amend language to read: “Avoid approving isolated developments where infrastructure and or public services are inadequate or not yet planned.” This would refer to emergency services, law enforcement, parks and rec, and other government public services. Yes, these are things that we can not control, but this shows an intent to work together to ensure residents have access to these services. Ward asked for definition of “isolated”. Dailey suggested removing public services but include schools. Beeler asked for clarification of “inadequate”. Defining infrastructure may help to clarify.

Page 71. Plan Management Cycle. Add bullet point under Ten Years that will support the county’s effort to include all categories of the environmentally sensitive areas like soil, historic resources, protected and conservation areas in the next updated list of Suitability Factors used in the land use model to read: “Update the Suitability Factors so that all categories of the Environmentally Sensitive Areas are considered.” These categories can change over time and 10 years is a reasonable timeframe to revisit. USGS Soil survey. Ward asked for definition of soils. Cathy Olsen discussed the interpretation of the characteristics of soils can change. Relative definition can change over time. Last map was updated in 2023. Sediment is also an issue.

Page 72 and appendix H should be kept as presented by staff with out change