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Reply To: Comp Plan Discussion

John Schoonmaker

I would like the following to be included in the Comprehensive Plan:

Changes to the Appendix H Grid for Related Zonings –
Rural Living – change all Planned Residential Zones to “Not Related / Appropriate”.
Rural Conservation – for Planned Residential, change it to text stating “Partially related – up to 1 du/1 acres in Rural Area, up to 3 du/1 acre in PGA“
Corridor Mixed Use – recommend a minimum density for Planned Residential zones of minimum of 5 du/ac.
Suburban Residential – in the Planned Growth Area, allow up to 5 units instead of the drafted 12 units.

Page 59. Policy 7. Encourage development practices that conserve and connect natural features and habitat. Add action item to support this policy to read:
Create design standards for the Rural Place Types that protect and enhance existing rural heritage character.

Page 72.
Reject the recommendation of Planning Commission for the change to Criteria to Plan Amendment, (they changed it from “two” to “one”):
Change this back to “two” instead of “one” of the proposed criteria