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Reply To: Legislative Priorities

John Schoonmaker


1) Support HB 192 / SB 160 for the reduction of the sales tax administration fee charged by the Dept. of Revenue to all counties, towns and cities in TN.
2) Support the Single Article Sales Tax Proposal to return to the counties, towns and cities the sales tax on major purchases that are collected from a purchase of $1,601 to $ 3,200.
3) Request TDOT to fast-track the widening of westbound I-40/I-75 from Campbell Station Road to the I-40/I-75 split. Also for improvements to Campbell Station and Watt Road Interchanges to accommodate the increase in traffic.
4) Secure protections for residential areas regarding the implementation of 5G wireless service.
5) The new replacement plan for the BEP formula should include funding for: all instructional positions, replacement of out of date buildings and Principals in every school.
6) Support funding the actual reimbursement of housing state prisoners’ in our county jail including their medical and prescription costs from time of incarceration.
7) Allow County Commissioners who have a temporary medical condition to join by electronic means a scheduled commission meeting.
8) Continue to support the opioid abatement trust fund to insure counties will receive a significant portion of those funds for substance abuse treatments, mental health services and drug abuse prevention.

Please continue to add suggestions to this list. If you are opposed to any of the items, please voice your concerns.

John Schoonmaker