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Reply To: Reorganization Meeting

Larsen Jay

Madam Chair,

The Knox County charter in Section 2.06 reads:

“Sec. 2.06. – Election of chairman(woman) and vice chairman(woman).
The Commission, at its first session on or after September 1, 1990, and annually thereafter, shall elect from its membership a chairman(woman), vice chairman(woman), and such other officers as the Commission deems necessary. The election procedures shall follow those established pursuant to Section 2.03E.”

The phrase “on or after” seems pretty clear reorganization could take place on September 1st, or on a later date.

Our Commission Rules state:

The annual reorganization meeting of the Knox County Commission, in regard to the
election of the Commission Chair, the Commission Vice Chair, and the Chairs and Vice
Chairs of the Standing Committees, shall be held on September 1st or the next business day
thereafter and conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Knox County Charter and
as follows:”

This also outlines “on September 1st or the next business day thereafter…”

Given both of these legal elements, I would suggest we hold reorganization on Tuesday, September 5th (@ 9:00a) – which would be the first business day after September 1st since Monday, September 4th is a national holiday. I don’t believe we would need any further legislative action to move the meeting, you as the Chair could simply schedule it.

– Commissioner Jay