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Commissioners – Please Read…..

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    Terry Hill

    Thank you all for your time and energy in working to wrap up the Comprehensive Growth Plan.
    For your information:
    A few of you have contacted me about needing more time to review suggested text and language amendments proposed Monday evening. I respect your ask and am requesting that you continue to post your changes before Monday morning at 8:00 am.
    Dru and I are working on a document that will list amendments with all commission forum comments complied together for that specific amendment. I am hopeful it will ease the process through discussion and respect the requests made by each commissioner. Please allow this list to be completed before Monday so that it can be released immediately to give us a change to review before Monday night.
    Appreciate your cooperation greatly.

    Larsen Jay

    Madam Chair,

    I respectfully disagree with this approach. Given this new format and timing, we are not likely to get a final comprehensive list of proposed amendments with ample time to review them properly before our 5pm meeting, leaving us in the same situation we were in last week.

    If an extension of time is needed, please consider cutting off submissions of proposed amendments to 3:00pm on Friday so a comprehensive list can be issued to the Commissioners AND the staff by 5:00pm, giving us at least two full days over the weekend to review them in advance of Monday’s Commission meeting.

    Commissioner Jay.

    Terry Hill

    Thank you for your reply Larsen, and I absolutely respect your concerns.
    I am STRONGLY encouraging all commissioners to submit changes ASAP.
    I will leave deadline at Monday 8:00 am with hope that each commission will be respectful of their colleagues , our hard working staff , and submit major changes proposed by end of day Friday.

    Courtney Durrett

    Are we only posting any amendments we would like to add or should we include which amendments we support and which amendments we personally feel need further discussion?

    Terry Hill

    I would appreciate posting amendments you would want to add at this time.
    However if your discussion items are to address major changes do note them so staff and commissioners will have a chance to review them before discussion.

    John Schoonmaker

    Comprehensive Plan – Page 2:

    Small Area and Corridor Plans – Include with listed plans the Fox Road Corridor Study.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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