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February Non-Consent Items

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    Courtney Durrett

    The following list includes the non-consent items for the February work session agenda:

    1-2: Honorary Resolutions
    6: Drives & Roads
    7: Line Item Transfers
    8: Budget Amendments
    25: Library Advisory Board Appointment
    46: Merit System Board
    48-51: Rules Committee
    52: Subgrant Award Agreement (to be added)
    53: Go Outdoors Lease Agreement (to be added)
    56: Ordinance on First Reading

    If you would like additional items pulled, please respond to this post in the forum or email the chair and commission office.

    Thank you,
    Courtney Durrett

    John Schoonmaker

    Madame Chair,

    Please pull the following items from the consent agenda for the February Work Session:
    59 thru 80.

    Thank you,
    John Schoonmaker

    Terry Hill

    Courtney, please pull items 12,16 and 26 from consent.
    Also asking how “deep in the mud” do we want to go on discussion of any items on zoning during workshop? Would you prefer zoning discussion be held till next week?

    Kim Frazier

    Madam Chair,

    Please pull from consent:
    12 – does this item correlate with item 18?
    30 – left turn lane Campbell Station & Fretz
    46 – Merit System Rules
    56 – add additional language to the recommended amendment

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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