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June Non-consent

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    Richie Beeler

    Fellow Commissioners,

    Please see below the list of non-consent items for the June 2022 Work Session Agenda:

    1-2: Honorary
    5-6: Drives & Roads
    7-8: Budget & Line Item
    9-10: Spread of Record (to be read at full Commission)
    26: Library appointments
    29: IDB appointments
    55: Grant Contract
    56-59: Ordinances on 1st Reading

    If you have any further items you would like pulled from consent, please reply to this post in the forum, or email Dru, myself and Vice-Chairman Biggs with the item number. I will be out of town next week, and Vice-Chairman Biggs will be presiding over the Work Session.

    Richie Beeler

    Terry Hill

    Please pull items #48 and #49 from consent

    Richie Beeler

    Thank you, Commissioner Hill. Items #48 and #49 will be placed on the non-consent agenda.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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