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Legislative Priorities Meeting


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    Drucilla Stills


    Per Madam Chair Hill, she has scheduled a Legislative Priorities meeting for Thursday, September 28th at 4:00 pm at the East Tennessee History Center prior to the TCCA Regional Meeting. Please respond to this post with your list of priorities you would like to discuss. She will gather all the priorities and compile them into one list to distribute at the meeting. Please respond by Friday, September 22nd with your list.

    Thank you,

    Terry Hill

    No family member is permitted to apply for a Knox County Beer Permit in the same business location that is ( was) held by relative in location that has been revoked by the Knox County Beer Board for a period of one year from date of revocation.

    Wording is not good and family needs defining, but you get the idea. I think we are all tired of this being allowed to happen in Knox County.

    Richie Beeler

    I would reiterate last year’s priorities with my top 3 being:

    1. Long-term inpatient Mental Health Facility.
    2. TDOT Investment in our roads, interchanges, and intersections (Tazewell Pike at Fairview Rd in my District)
    3. Sales Tax Admin Fee/Single Item Adjustment

    Larsen Jay

    I still think these priorities are still relevant and worthy of pursuing with our state delegation:

    Mental health continues to be a growing challenge in Knox County, and we remain the regional support-hub for this type of healthcare. We urge you to push for restoration of the operational funding for the Behavioral Heath Urgent Care Center (BHUCC) and encourage the State of Tennessee to authorize and fund a new in-patient mental health facility in Knox County by providing both capital and ongoing operational funding.

    Knox County has a significant number of state routes in need of maintenance, improvement and/or expansion. We request TDOT quickly review all state routes and work with Knox County EPW to prioritize focus and funding, including reducing restrictions on private company design and service contracts to improve project timelines. Additionally, we request TDOT reconsider a bypass route that would help divert pass-through traffic around our urban corridor. Lastly, we request TDOT to install overhead lighting at the I-40 and Pellissippi Pkwy (I-140) interchange as it is the only major interchange that is not lighted in Knox County.

    LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACCESSIBILITY (*Likely need to pursue this as a private act for Knox County alone *)
    Currently, if a member of County Commission is absent due to an extenuating circumstance (e.g. medical, family death, etc.), they cannot participate in meetings via electronic means (outside of an emergency order by the Governor) and therefore cannot represent their constituents. We would like you to support legislation that allows for electronic participation for members of Commission under emergency circumstances.

    On every sale in Knox County, the local option sales tax portion (2.25%) is sent to the State of Tennessee, then returned to Knox County after 30 days. To perform this function, the State charges Knox Co. a 1.125% administrative fee. With the advent of improved technology and automation practices, we feel the fee is egregious and ask for you to work on a plan to reduce the administrative fee to a maximum of 0.5%.

    Currently, on all local sales, the tax revenue from the first $1,600 is divided between the state (7%) and locally (2.25%). For the amounts above the $1,600 threshold, the State of Tennessee takes all the tax revenue (9.25%) leaving nothing to support the local municipality. We are requesting you help move the threshold value to $3,200 where both the State and Knox County will share the sales tax revenue.

    We ask that you work to increase the funding reimbursement for holding state prisoners in the Knox County Detention Facility. Currently, the state reimbursement rate is $41.00/day but the average daily cost per prisoner for housing and healthcare is $95.00/day. The State of TN is mandated to pick up state prisoners within 14 days of being convicted, however, Knox County’s average length of stay for a state prisoner before pickup is 169 days. Currently of the 138 state prisoners Knox County is holding, 132 are over the 14 day time limit. This delay results in a significant cost burden to the citizens of Knox County.

    Large commercial and industrial property owners (e.g. big-box stores) are increasingly appealing their property tax rates directly to the State of Tennessee and seeking significant tax liability reductions through third-party solicitors. This practice continues to shift the financial burden to local taxpayers and increases pressure on residential homeowners, commercial businesses, and rural farm owners. We urge you to find ways to mitigate this State level direct-appeal practice without local engagement with the County Property Assessor.

    Please consider pushing for a rewrite of the statute regulating rating agencies (e.g. ISO) so that the term “subscription fire department” refers to all fire departments that receive revenue from subscriptions, regardless of whether they respond to non-subscriber calls or not. This is important because the local ISO representatives are not enforcing their own regulations, which ultimately punishes both the fire departments and subscribers. If the reduced insurance premiums (based on being a subscriber) is given to everyone, whether they are a subscriber or not, it disenfranchises customers and places additional financial stress on the fire protection entities.

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