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March Non-Consent

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    Richie Beeler

    Fellow Commissioners,

    Below are the non-consent items for the March 21 Work Session:

    1-2: Honorary Resolutions

    8: Drives & Roads

    9-10: Budget Amendments & Transfers

    30: Emergency Rental Assistance award

    36: AJ closing date extension

    40-41: Ordinances

    42-44: Discussion Items

    If you would like any additional items pulled from consent, kindly respond to this post in the forum. Don’t forget Public Hearing on Ordinance O-22-2-101 will be held at 4:30pm Monday.

    Thank you,

    Richie Beeler

    John Schoonmaker

    Chairman Beeler,

    I want to give our county staff the opportunity to review with us Item #32 R-22-3-602 at the Work Session.

    John Schoonmaker
    5th District

    Richie Beeler

    Thank you, Commissioner Schoonmaker.

    Item 32 will be pulled from consent.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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