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May Commission Work Session – NON CONSENT ITEMS + MEETING PREP

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    Larsen Jay


    The agenda for our 5/17 Work Session is now posted.

    As discussed, we will start with our second public budget hearing (see separate agenda) before starting the work session. If possible, please send budget questions to department heads in advance so they can bring information to present.

    For the work session agenda, please reply here with any items you wish to pull from consent beyond the list below (along with explanation or information request for department heads).


    1, 2, 3, 4 – Honorary Resolutions (to be heard/presented on 5/24)

    5 – Presentation on Trades Academy / Mayor Jacobs…would you like to present this at the Work Session (5/17) or Commission Meeting (5/24)?

    6 – Presentation on Rural Metro / AMR – to be presented on 5/24.

    9 – Line Item Transfers

    48 – Ordinance on First Reading (Public Notices)

    49 – Discussion item re: zonings – to be discussed on 5/17

    Carson Dailey

    Item 39. What is the going rent for the downtown area per sq feet? Is parking fees included in the rent? 45. NO PARKING: Neither Grantor nor PBA is providing parking to Grantee and its
    employees, agents, invitees and contractors pursuant to this Agreement or any other separate

    Item 40. Discussion on why needed and cost split with the city and county.

    Terry Hill

    Item 45 – is anything going to be said about this given the countless hours it cost Dwight and the citizens that took time to apply and serve?


    Mr. Chairman please pull item #41

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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