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Observations of more frequently recommended zonings

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    Kim Frazier

    There are several zonings that have become more frequently recommended that deserve a bit of clarification, in my opinion. Here are a few and a brief description of appropriate use:

    CB (Business & Manufacturing) – the description of this zone states that it does no have adverse impacts on surrounding properties. 5.32.01 “This zone provides for a wide variety of business and manufacturing uses – the nature of such businesses is to attract large volumes of automobiles and truck traffic and will have adverse effects on surrounding properties. Hence, they are not properly associated with, nor compatible with residential or institutional uses or with other uses that require an environment free of noise, odors, or congestion.” Another consideration that might be more compatible and would include landscape and lighting design standards is NC (Neighborhood Commercial).

    RA (Low Density Residential) – 5.11.01 This residential zone provides for residential areas with low population densities. These areas are intended to be defined and protected from encroachment of uses not performing a function necessary to the residential environment. RA’s intensity of use (density) states that not more than one (1) dwelling unit with a minimum of 10000sq feet shall be permitted on any lot except as provided in subsection 5.11.03, “Uses permitted on review,” of these regulations and not more than two (2) dwelling units with a minimum of 12000sq feet shall be permitted on any lot under the provisions of this subsection IF sewer is present. RA also allows for subdividing a parcel. Intended use is an important question to consider.

    RB (General Residential) – This residential zone provides for medium population density. The principal uses of land may range from houses to multi-dwelling structures or developments. It also provides a transition zone between commercial nodes and adjacent AG or Single Family Residential.

    CA (General Business ) – This zone is for general retail business and services but not for manufacturing or for processing materials other than farm products, except that portable sawmills are allowed. The configuration of the parcel is important and should be considered because the zoning allows for many uses with NO landscape or lighting design standards. This is important because the use MUST, by ordinance, be in harmony with existing adjacent property uses. Another consideration would be NC (Neighborhood Commercial) or CR (Rural Commercial) where landscape and lighting standards are required.

    NC (Neighborhood Commercial) – This commercial zoning district provides the opportunity to locate limited retail and service uses in a manner convenient to and yet not disruptive to established residential neighborhoods. Provides clear site development standards.

    CR (Rural Commercial) – This commercial zoning district provides the opportunity to locate limited retail and service uses in a manner convenient to outlying rural areas. Development performance standards are included to maximize compatibility between commercial uses and surrounding rural areas, and to maintain the rural character of these areas.

    Another observation – medium density residential in Planned Growth Areas or Urban Growth Areas is appropriate when access is on an arterial or collector roads. A road or drive through a residential subdivision is not an arterial or collector road.

    Additional observation – acreage of parcels with steep slopes are included when calculating number of units on usable portions of the parcel.

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