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R-22-9-904 “Personnel Committee”

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    Larsen Jay


    Following up on the discussion from last week’s work session on item R-22-904 “Personnel Committee” (link to resolution below), I wanted to share a few thoughts as we consider this at the Commission meeting.

    Here is the description of the duties of the committee:

    “The duties of the Personnel Committee shall be to approve budget requests and oversee the departments and agencies that the Knox County Commission has supervisory authority, including the KCSO Employees’ Merit System Office, the Knox County Department of Internal Audit, the Knox County Commission Office, the Knox County Board of Zoning Appeals, and any other entity in which the Commission has supervisory authority.”

    This description seems pretty vague to me. Perhaps it’s meant to be vague, and the committee itself will gather, elect a chair/vice chair, and outline what it will specifically do, and ask the various board chairs to submit and review with them. If this is the case, please let me know if that is the direction.

    If the committee was setup to primarily be an oversight for employees of each department the Commission has authority over, shouldn’t it spell out more specifics on personnel matters? For instance, currently, each employee of an entity reports to a supervisor (sometimes called an Executive Director) and that person reports to the Chair of that entities governing board. Then should those Chairs submit a personnel (and budget) review plan by a certain date for consideration?

    Will the Personnel Committee then bring those findings (and possibly recommendations) to the full Commission for consideration like other committees do? Is there a particular timeline for this work beyond the quarterly meetings?

    Thanks for any clarity that can be provided. As a new committee (is this a standing committee now too?) I believe putting together more information at some point will be helpful to future Commissioners.

    – Commissioner Jay

    Courtney Durrett

    Commissioner Jay,

    The description is intentionally left vague so that the committee itself, once formed, can determine the specific information it wishes to acquire from the various board chairs in which the Commission oversees. As the languages states in section 5, the committee shall operate in accordance with commission rules. Therefore, the committee will elect a chair, vice chair and secretary as it is not a standing committee. The committee can bring anything it deems necessary to full commission, whether it be an update of a certain board, an action item, etc. The committee will be required to meet at least quarterly as the resolution language states; however, the members can choose to meet more often if deemed necessary.

    I am happy to clarify any other questions you may have regarding the creation of this committee.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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