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    Kim Frazier

    Commissioners…following please find those sections in the proposed Comp Plan that I would like to discuss. The platform used for Commission Forum is unable to support my full color-coded draft document. Therefore, I will provide everyone a copy at work session. I have discussed each item with the leadership team, appropriate County Staff, and community partners and or groups.

    Page 2. Small Area and Corridor Plan & Facility Plans
    Page 37. Rural Living
    Page 38. Rural Conservation
    Page 40. Rural Agriculture
    Page 48. Areas For Future Study
    Page 54. Ensure that development is sensitive to existing community character
    Page 57. Provide site design flexibility for amenities
    Page 58. To Support This Policy
    Page 59. Encourage development practices that conserve and connect natural features and habitat.
    Page 61. Avoid approving isolated developments…
    Page 62. Maintain regular coordination on facility planning.
    Page 63. Collaboratively identify barriers…
    Page 64. Maintain cost estimates for common transportation…
    Page 66. Routinely assess development patterns…
    Page 67. Continue to partner with Legacy Parks…
    Page 68. Grow Knox County as a place for a variety of sports…
    Page 70. How to Use the Plan
    Page 71. Plan Management Cycle
    Page 72. Additional Implementation Actions
    Appendix H Place Type Zoning Correspondence Matrix / Relationships of Future Land Use Place Types to Zoning Classifications

    Terry Hill

    Great, look forward to hearing in detail about proposed changes.
    Thanks for your hard work on this

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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