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Larsen Jay

At Large Seat 10 Commissioner
2nd Term: 2022-2026

Larsen Jay is serving in his second term on the Knox County Commission (At-Large / Seat 10), having been elected to represent all Knox County residents, first in 2018 and again in 2022. He served as Commission Chairman during the 2020-21 legislative session.

Larsen Jay is a two-time graduate of the University of Tennessee, earning a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Business Administration. Larsen has made Knoxville home for almost 25 years and has a diverse background in business, philanthropy and civic engagement. Working as a Film & TV Producer for nearly 15 years, Larsen specialized in producing feature films, television series, commercials, educational media and documentaries. His production work in Dallas, Los Angeles, Knoxville and around the world garnered Larsen critical acclaim including dozens of Telly Awards and an Emmy Award.

Larsen’s community service and civic engagement has had a lasting impact on our community. In addition to serving on numerous nonprofit boards including Legacy Parks Foundation, Knox Education Foundation, The Joy of Music SchoolThe Bijou TheatreKnoxville Symphony, and the Alliance for Better Nonprofits, Larsen was honored as a member of the inaugural class of the Knoxville News Sentinel’s “40 Under 40,”a graduate of both Intro & Leadership Knoxville, a member of the team that started Movies on Market Square, helped lead the effort to re-open and light up the Bijou Theatre, started the East TN Chili Cook-Off and brought the Holiday’s on Ice / Ice Rink back to downtown – which still anchors the holiday season.

In July of 2007, a devastating accident changed the trajectory of Larsen Jay’s life forever. Larsen suffered a near-fatal fall from a workshop roof.  During his long hospitalization, the influx of floral arrangements he received boosted his spirits and aided his recovery. Those healing flowers also seeded the idea for Random Acts of Flowers. The concept has since blossomed into a nationwide movement. Larsen served as Founder and CEO of Random Acts of Flowers for 13 years, managing the National Headquarters in Knoxville, TN, as well as the organization’s branches nationwide. Under his leadership Random Acts of Flowers has flourished, providing hope and encouragement to over 600,000 vulnerable individuals across the country while inspiring dozens of similar organizations across the country and around the world. Since its inception, Random Acts of Flowers has garnered numerous awards, including the Daughters of the American Revolution’s National Conversation Medal, the Tennessee Governor’s Volunteer Star AwardHealthcare Heroes AwardGo Green East Tennessee Award, and the Sertoma’s Service to Mankind Award. Larsen also volunteers with the University of Tennessee Medical Center having served as the Co-Chair of the Emergency & Trauma Advisory Council and visits with patients as a Peer Mentor and Community Ambassador with the Trauma Survivor’s Network.

Alongside his wife (Adrian) and sons (Henry & Alexander) Larsen lives in the West Hills neighborhood and proudly represents all of Knox County.

Commissioner Larsen Jay
P.O. Box 52331 • Knoxville, TN 37950
Cell: 865-224-3736
Office: 865-215-2534

Business Address8332 Chapman Highway1116 Harvey Road9621 Parkside Drive2230 John Sevier Hwy2138 Kimberlin Heights Rd8212 Chapman Hwy7512 Sevierville Pk3203 Maryville Pk722 Watt Rd8119 Chapman Hwy3104 John Sevier9710 Westland12400 S. Northshore Dr9233 Westland Dr.9208 Middlebrook Pk7322 Oak Ridge Hwy6501 Maynardville Hwy7100 Tazewell Pk1640 Bob Kirby10626 Hardin Valley8001 Millertown Pk7323 Clinton Highway7025 Maynardville Hwy8929 Oak Ridge Hwy7551 Oak Ridge Hwy8901 Oak Ridge Hwy6400 Maynardville Hwy10256 Hardin Valley9002 Oak Ridge Hwy2064 Castaic Ln7135 Clinton Hwy5904 Tazewell Pk10639 Hardin Valley6804 Clinton Highway7331 Clinton Highway7609 Clinton Highway7135 Clinton Highway7323 Clinton Highway7505 Clinton Highway2119 W Emory Road930 E. Emory Road1350 E Emory Road1506 E Emory Road1325 E Beaver Creek Road9730 Norris Freeway7420 Tazewell Pike512 Lovell Road608 Lovell Road1405 Lovell Road1606 Lovell Road10681 Hardin Valley10847 Hardin Valley2064 Castaic Lane10634 Hardin Valley10636 Hardin Valley9002 Oak Ridge Hwy8929 Oak Ridge Hwy8901 Oak Ridge Hwy9621 Parkside Drive215 Langley Place216 Langley Place10859 Kingston Pike8920 Maynardville Hwy6501 Maynardville Hwy10711 Rutledge Pike7501 Tazewell Pike5704 Washington Pike7025 Maynardville Hwy7608 Rutledge Pike6400 Maynardville Pike1203 Andrew Johnson Hwy1915 E. Raccoon Valley Road522 Andrew Johnson Hwy238 Andrew Johnson Hwy5904 Tazewell Pike5417 Tazewell Pike10508 Rutledge Pike8418 Rutledge Pike7433 Maynardville Hwy5904 Washington Pike10636 Hardin Valley215 Langley Place617 Lovell Road10847 Hardin Valley7322 Oak Ridge Hwy7154 Oak Ridge Hwy7466 Oak Ridge Hwy8901 Oak Ridge Hwy8929 Oak Ridge Hwy7810 Oak Ridge Hwy7801 Oak Ridge Hwy1501 Hardin Valley Road9621 Parkside Drive10518 Kingston Pike512 Lovell Road608 Lovell Road1606 Lovell Road2064 Castaic Lane8901 Oak Ridge Hwy2064 Castaic Lane13061 Kingston Pike (TOF)12828 Kington Pike (TOF)608 Lovell Road801 Campbell Station (TOF)11763 Snyder Road10859 Kingston Pike (TOF)635 Campbell Station (TOF)722 Watt Rd12744 Kingston Pk (TOF)12740 Kingston Pk (TOF)9710 Westland12400 Kingston Pk (TOF)9233 Westland Dr.800 Campbell Station (TOF)11319 Campbell Sta (TOF)610 Campbell Station (TOF)11340 Campbell Sta (TOF)747 Campbell Station (TOF)10626 Hardin Valley600 Ebenezer Road 1116 Harvey Road800 Watt Road1620 Choto Mkts Wy9301 Kingston Pike2511 John Sevier Hwy2230 John Sevier Hwy2800 John Sevier Hwy2801 John Sevier Hwy10636 Hardin Valley35252 John Sevier Hwy2138 Kimberlin Heights8212 Chapman Hwy7551 Oak Ridge Hwy8901 Oak Ridge Hwy2234 Kimberlin Heights8929 Oak Ridge Hwy75125 Sevierville Pk 3203 Maryville Pk5515 Straw Plains Pk8119 Chapman Hwy9002 Oak Ridge Hwy8332 Chapman Hwy7801 Oak Ridge Hwy3104 John Sevier Hwy10625 Hardin Valley9037 Norris Freeway8920 Maynardville Hwy6501 Maynardville Hwy6900 Marynardville Hwy6804 Clinton Hwy417 Emory Road7603 Clinton Hwy1350 Emory Road 6400 Maynardville Hwy2305 Emory Road7135 Clinton Hwy7501 Tazewell Pk7323 Clinton Hwy7350 Clinton Hwy7331 Clinton Hwy308 Emory Road7675 Clinton Hwy2119 Emory Road7420 Tazewell Pike6802 Central Ave Pk1506 Emory Road331 Emory Road7505 Clinton Hwy9002 Oak Ridge Hwy10681 Hardin Valley 10636 Hardin Valley10636 Hardin Valley10639 Hardin Valley8901 Oak Ridge Hwy8929 Oak Ridge Hwy512 Lovell Road10246 Hardin Valley722 N Watt9002 Oak Ridge Hwy10518 Kingston Pk2064 Castaic Lane617 Lovell Road608 Lovell Road12828 Kingston Pike (TOF)11431 Parkside Drive (TOF)801 Campbell Station (TOF)16289 Hwy 70 (TOF)12744 Kingston Pk12740 Kingston Pk11433 Parkside Dr800 N Campbell Station8920 Maynardville Hwy4109 Emory Road6501 Maynardville Hwy6900 Marynardville Hwy6804 Clinton Hwy7603 Clinton Hwy1350 Emory Road 7501 Tazewell Pk7323 Clinton Hwy7202 Maynardville Hwy7025 Maynardville Hwy8432 Washington Pk10711 Rutledge Pk3203 Maynardville Hwy1203 Andrew Johnson hwy238 Andrew Johnson Hwy7135 Clinton Hwy10508 Rutledge Pk8418 Rutledge Pk6920 Maynardville Hwy7433 Maynardville Hwy7420 Tazewell Pike6802 Central Ave Pk1506 Emory Road331 Emory Road5904 Washington Pk7505 Clinton Hwy9031 Norris Fwy1915 Raccoon Valley8616 Fork Station Way10681 Hardin Valley 2064 Castaic Lane6802 Central Ave Pike800 Watt Road722 Watt Road6804 Clinton Hwy7603 Clinton Hwy1350 Emory Road 10246 Hardin Valley7323 Clinton Hwy7350 Clinton Highway7135 Clinton Highway5417 Tazewell Pike7320 Clinton Hwy2119 Emory Road1506 Emory Road7505 Clinton Hwy2230 John Sevier2800 John Sevier7100 Tazewell Pike2801 John Sevier7341 Tazewell Pike8432 Washington Pike5704 Washington Pike7608 Rutledge Pike1203 Andrew Johnson hwy5515 Straw Plains Pike7210 Straw Plains Pike238 Andrew Johnson Hwy5904 Tazewell Pike7420 Tazewell Pike801 Campbell Sta (TOF)635 Campbell Sta (TOF)12744 Kingston Pike (TOF)12740 Kingston Pike (TOF)800 Campbell Sta (TOF)747 Campbell Sta (TOF)13061 Kingston Pike (TOF)11946 Kingston Pike (TOF)607 Campbell Sta (TOF)601 Campbell Sta (TOF)11335 Campbell Sta (TOF)12828 Kingston Pike (TOF)11335 Camp. Lakes (TOF)2301 John Sevier Hwy2064 Castaic Lane10625 Hardin Valley10639 Hardin Valley10535 Kingston Pike (TOF)800 Campbell Sta (TOF)747 Campbell Sta (TOF)10246 Hardin Valley9621 Parkside Drive11431 Parkside Dr. (TOF)11433 Parkside Dr. (TOF)10681 Hardin Valley610 Campbell Sta (TOF)601 Campbell Sta (TOF)801 Campbell Sta (TOF)608 Lovell Road512 Lovell Road10847 Hardin Valley1606 Lovell Road617 Lovell Road1405 Lovell Road2511 John Sevier2800 John Sevier3522 John Sevier5704 Washington Pk10711 Rutledge Pk1203 Andrew Johnson238 Andrew Johnson Hwy5515 Straw Plains Pike8001 Tazewell Pike8756 Asheville Highway10508 Rutledge Pike8418 Rutledge Pike1600 Choto Road10634 Hardin Valley 7603 Clinton Hwy2064 Castaic Lane10639 Hardin Valley9200 Middlebrook1501 Hardin Valley215 Langley Place10246 Hardin Valley9621 Parkside Drive1405 Lovell Road216 Langley Place10681 Hardin Valley9233 Westland Drive10625 Hardin Valley 10636 Hardin Valley 9208 Middlebrook Pk512 Lovell Road10847 Hardin Valley1606 Lovell Road617 Lovell Road1405 Lovell Road9037 Norris Frwy6501 Marynadville Hwy6900 Maynardville Hwy6804 Clinton Hwy417 Emory Road7323 Clinton Hwy7350 Clinton Hwy9443 Heiskell Road7025 Maynardville Hwy7331 Clinton Hwy6400 Maynardville Hwy6625 Maynardville Hwy8616 Fork Station Way1915 E Raccon Valley7135 Clinton Hwy7320 Clinton Hwy7433 Maynardville Hwy6802 Central Ave Pk1506 Emory Rd7505 Clinton Hwy6400 Maynardville Hwy5904 Washington Pk5402 Rutledge Pike (City)6501 Maynardville Hwy6900 Maynardville Hwy8432 Washington Pike10711 Rutledge Pike7608 Rutledge Pike6400 Maynardville Hwy238 Andrew Johnson10508 Rutledge Pk8418 Rutledge Pk6920 Maynardville Pk7433 Maynardville Hwy7100 Tazewell Pk6804 Clinton Hwy417 Emory Road7341 Tazewell Pike7603 Clinton Hwy7501 Tazewell Pike7323 Tazewell Pike7331 Clinton Hwy5704 Washington Pike7025 Maynardville Hwy7345 Tazewell Pk7433 Maynardville Hwy7420 Tazewell Pike6802 Central Ave Pk1506 Emory Rd1606 Lovell Road10612 Hardin Valley Road10636 Hardin Valley 10636 Hardin Valley 10681 Hardin Valley10639 Hardin Valley 9621 Parkside Drive512 Lovell Road6400 Maynardville Hwy10246 Hardin Valley 9002 Oak Ridge Hwy2064 Castaic Lane617 Lovell Road608 Lovell Road11763 Snyder Road9244 Middlebrook Pike8901 Oak Ridge Hwy10625 Hardin Valley10639 Hardin Valley10636 Hardin Valley10681 Hardin Valley512 Lovell Road7551 Oak Ridge Hwy7322 Oak Ridge Hwy1606 Lovell Road617 Lovell Road7544 Oak Ridge Hwy7811 Oak Ridge Hwy1640 Bob Kirby1501 Hardin Valley8929 Oak Ridge Hwy9208 Middlebrook Pike1063 Cedar Bluff9200 Middlebrook Pk
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